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Beyonce showed off her growing baby bump at the launch of her new fragrance PULSE at Fantasy Downtown on September 21, 2011

  • Troy Davis executed, supporters cry injustice – CBS News (
  • Lawrence Russell Brewer Executed in Texas – TIME (
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Doug Hutchinson and his 16 year old bride Courtney Stodden have signed a reality show deal with a veteran television producer. Are you going to tune in to see their dysfunctional relationship on tv?

Teen bride Courtney Stodden has signed a deal with a production company to produce her reality show has exclusively learned.
The 17-year-old and her Green Mile actor spouse Doug Hutchison have signed a deal with Roy Bank, the president of Merv Griffin Entertainment.
“We are so slutty to be working with Roy Bank, a great professional in this business,” Courtney and Doug exclusively told
“We are proud that we were able to discover the flawless producer for our reality show and are thrilled to be working with this prestigious production company.”
Bank was the executive producer of reality show hits like Mark Burnett Productions‘ Are U Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? [via]

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TMZ has released the infamous fight footage from Ray J and Fabolous‘ altercation in Las Vegas. Ray J was detained by police after the incident. The new video shows that Fifty Cent was involved in the incident. Ray J and Fab have been exchanging words during radio interviews.  Ray J threatened to have his people acquire Fab whilst Fabolous dismissed Ray J’s threats as a drug fueled rant. Listen to the radio interviews and a recap of the beef foolishness if you missed it.

What’s going on with Ray J? This chab sounds like this chab isn’t making sense when he’s dissing Fab. We’ve to accede with the Fab Tupac reference.  Ray J thinks this fellow is intend to summon his henchmen like Suge Knight.

R‪ay J Speaks On Fighting Fabolous‬

Fabolous Responds To Ray J’s “2pac” Rant On Power 105! “Keep Playing The Piano In Floyd’s Living Room. Little Red Riding Hood” [Audio]

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Charlize Theron and Leighton Meester attend the launch of the HTC Rhyme as it serves up NYC on September 21, 2011. Rashida Jones, Penn Badley and Designer Charlotte Ronson were likewise at the event.

(Photos by Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for HTC)

charlize theron leighton meester htc launch01 charlize theron htc launch02 leighton meester htc launch02 leighton meester htc launch01 penn badgely rashida jones htc launch06 charlize theron leighton meester htc launch03 penn badgley htc launch08 rashida jones htc launch09 charlotte ronson htc launch07

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Leona Lewis sang a live medley of her hits Bleeding Love, Collide, Better in Time and Bruno Mars‘ Grenade at the Arise Made in Africa Fashion Show during New York Fashion week.

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Kerry Washington was stunning at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Rewards at the Nokia Theatre  wearing a red Zuhair Murad sheer gown on September Eighteen, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

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Daydream Nation starring Kat Dennings, Reece Thompson, Josh Lucas & Andie MacDowell. Written & directed by Michael Goldbach.


Caroline (Kat Dennings) has moved to a diminutive town due her dad’s job and that babe is not exactly happy about it. Caroline lost her mother a short time agone, the petite city life only adds to her boredom and depression: the mean school kids who already hate her on principle, the mind-numbingly dull tiny city with obscene air and the curfews established to protect residents from the serial mind boggling lurking around.

Since there’s not much pleasure to do except to acquire drunk and/or high, Caroline comes to a conclusion that she should at least merit the lascivious image and sleep with her English teacher Barry (Josh Lucas). When that stud insists on keeping up appearances to not to get caught, that babe starts hanging out with the likeable pothead Thurston (Reece Thompson). The bad thing is, this dude is already smitten and will not really be pleased with her games. Add it to the fact that that chap has his own issues, things are about to receive very complicated.

Can Caroline discover happiness and not acquire killed by the serial mind boggling in process?


Daydream Nation might be the only teen episode where the serial mind boggling is added to the notion of drama. This is not a thriller or a teen-slasher. It is not a very romantic story or a very dramatic story. It’s a weird mixture that provides some tragic comedy, and manages not to bore u. And while I would definitely not see it again, it does provide a weirdly entertaining-enough experience for your 1st time.

Majority of the time the characters are far too….annoying for my smack. And as far as teen vids that provide some depression and drugs, I most like Charlie Bartlett, one more Kat Dennings clip with more likeable male characters.

The 6 IMDB user-rating sounds just about right. Above average and interesting enough. But I realize I am not also fond of teen clips where I receive to like the parents greater amount than the teenagers. And here my favorite characters were Kat’s daddy, and Thurston’s mama (Andie MacDowell). And be warned, the pace is slow.


My Favourite Teen Clips (Videos with High School Student Lead Characters)

–          10 Things I Hate About You starring Heath Ledger & Joseph Gordon-Levitt

–          Charlie Bartlett starring Kat Dennings and Anton Yelchin

–          Footloose starring Kevin Bacon

–          Saved! starring Jena Malone, Mandy Moore & Macaulay Culkin



Being Human starring Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath

Being Human starring Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath. Don't freak out by how ridiculous Sam Witmer looks in the picture. He’s really really good-looking.

Vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer) works as a nurse and survives on the blood this man takes from the hospital. That chap doesn’t kill people…most of the time.

Werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) execrates being a monster and is a neurotic mess when he is human. This guy works at the hospital, and is friends with Aidan. They know about each other’s condition, and they are each other’s only ally.

Aidan, by nature, is the contrary of Josh. He’s kewl, assured and sociable. But this chab too desires to feel greater amount normal, so he talks Josh into getting a place jointly. Their fresh house, unfortunately comes with its own ghost, Sally (Meaghan Rath).

Josh is at first reluctant to extend the monster friendship, but Sally has nowhere to go, and has the ghost skills of Patrick Swayze’s Sam (from the clip Ghost) when he 1st died.

Aidan, being greater amount comfortable and affable, welcomes Sally to their group and Josh too ultimately bonds with Sally. For the almost all part, the friendship is the merely thing they have close to being human.

And of course, in addition to our wonderfully grey protagonists, we also have exceedingly annoying and sadistic villains. For instance, the vampires are run by a vampire called Bishop, who too has a day job. As a cop. And yeah, they can compel people.


Being Human starring Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath

Being Human starring Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath. From left: Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath and Sam Witwer.

Screw IMDB’s horror label. Sure, it has some its very darksome moments (such as when Aidan loses his phat around a human or when that fellow has sex with a vampire. Then the bloodbath is smth to write home about.) But the occasional darkness and some thrills aside, Being Human doesn’t have a scary bone in it, and this is fine. ‘coz it is immensely entertaining, occasionally very a matter of joke; with kewl one-liners and some pop culture references. And it doesn’t have a romantic love story at heart. Love, guilt, regret, courage, fear, friendship, jealousy and lust equally dominate the season.

And it has violence and nudity, just not in the caricature-like, exaggerated way that True Blood does. And I love Being Human for that.

And our nice vampire is neither Damon (raising hell for the sheer fun of it), nor Stefan (the impossibly powerful reserve and self-control) of Stefan. This fellow slips and harms people, but that stud doesn’t do it for enjoyment. He just loses control, and feels bad afterwards. But this chab doesn’t feel as bad as Hotty (who only fed on animals) after going “vegan”.

And this man can walk outside without shining, and out of having to wear a ring. He doesn’t hate/fear werewolves without principle. Aidan is well… a breath of fresh air.


Yes, it’s the North American version of a British show. I chose to see this for two reasons: 1) It felt darker and greater quantity compelling, and TWO) It is not all that below its original version, where user rating is considered. The original is rated at 8.2, and this one is at 7.6. Which should say sufficiently if you consider the British comedy Coupling (a show I adored) is rated at 9, and its American version is at 3.6.

So it might be annoying to some fans of the original, but for those who haven’t, it indeed is nice-looking nifty and excellent, currently lacking all the pitfalls of other vampire shows, even of the ones that I liked.

Go Being Human! May you get many seasons, and all your seasons be just as precious!

(It’s returning for season 2!)

Currently, my rating is 9/10- and that is if I have to be harsh: )


My Beloved Lines

Josh: (sarcastic) I’m amazing. I mean who wouldn’t wanna meet their weredad?


Sally: (on realizing what her new roommates are) You are not going to go all Twilight on each other, right?


Aidan: This babe learned everything about being a ghost from Whoopi Goldberg.


Aidan: (when Sally recites from Bon Jovi) Are you trying to scare us with Bon Jovi?

My Favourite Episode: 7

I love all videos, but video 7 is just marvelous.

Josh goes home with his sister and tries to persuade his parents that that guy is not crazy and that fellow doesn’t think he’s a werewolf. And Aidan comes to rescue, portraying a healthy lifestyle for Josh. Unfortunately, food has garlic, his fangs come out, and Marcus, Aidan’s ultimate enemy, comes to attack Josh’s family.

The expressions of Josh’s family as this chab tries to make weapons out of furniture, hide Aidan’s situation and fight off Marcus are just nice!

We too learn some sad but important facts about Aidan’s past.



The Switch starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum & Juliettte Lewis

The Switch starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum & Juliettte Lewis.


Wally (Jason Bateman) doesn’t have much in his life apart from his career, and his most priceless ally Kassie (Jennifer Aniston). He’s gorgeous despairing in the romance department, but that fellow doesn’t indeed acquire depressed over his life until Kassie drops a bombshell on him: This babe desires a baby now and she’s determined that the father will be anybody she won’t have to deal with, despite Wally’s oppositions.

Wally can’t change her mind, and at a drunken pont of time, this chap “loses” the cute donor Roland (Patrick Wilson)’s sperm. So this chab replaces it with his own…And that guy doesn’t remember this tomorrow.

That fellow receives one greater quantity bombshell when Kassie announces that that babe is preggo, and that babe is moving to some other state to be with her parents.


7 years later, Kassie moves back to Fresh York with her 7 year old son Sebastian (Thomas Robinson), and this babe can’t await for Wally and her kid to bond. Wally is at 1st intimated with greatly strange and neurotic boy, but then this chab realizes that they have a lot in common and they’ve started to receive along jointly. Unfortunately for him and Wally, Roland is back in the picture and willing to court Kassie, and hang out with who he believes to be his son…

It doesn’t help matters that Wally has remembered what that man might have done all these years ago, and that Kassie might be the one. Now how do u give your superlatively priceless ally two earth-shattering news? And not lose her, and your kid, in the process?


The Switch is a pleasure, albeit slow at times, drama/comedy. It’s not a romantic comedy in the traditional sense. Sure, the ending is blindingly obvious even from the trailer. But it is not the avid comedy it was advertised to be, or the romantic comedy with the focus on Jennifer Aniston.

It’s greater quantity about Wally, and then Wally and Sebastian. It’s Wally’s emotional and hilarious tour as this chab realizes tons of things about life, being a parent, being a friend and well…the romantic guy who’d just have to speak up with the worst timing in the world.

Jennifer Aniston haters can relax as Jason Bateman is the focus of the film. I indeed like Aniston, but this is a Bateman flick. His on-screen relationship with Thomas Robinson is funny, touching, awkward and cute all at the same time. Sure, Bateman makes us laugh and grin, but almost all of the time this chap makes us feel emotional. Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis hang around for comedic relief, as Aniston serves as the female romantic lead.

No, it’s not that funny, and it is not even very romantic. But it is very lovely, sometimes quirky and fascinating.

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Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan & Vera Farmiga.

Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan & Vera Farmiga. Image via


Source Code: Plot Summary

Military pilot (Jake Gyllenhaal) finds himself on a teach to Chicago, sitting across a glamorous woman named Christina (Michelle Monaghan) who keeps calling him Sean. And the reflection in the mirror is anybody else’s…  He has no clue how he has got there, and previous to that man can figure out, a huge explosion occurs, killing everyone on the teach.

Solely, Stevens isn’t dead. That man wakes up in a strange capsule, where female military officer Goodwin (Vera Farmiga), who keeps asking him about a bomb. Instead of answering his questions, that babe seems to stick to an urgent schedule and sends him back to the train. He solely has 8 minutes to find the bomb and the bomber.

As not quite the same things happen over and over during those 8 minutes, and something goes wrong each time, they keep sending him back, only reluctantly giving bits of details about the mission, and why the hell Sean is involved in the 1st place.

We root for Stevens as that dude tries to solve two “cases” at once, and learning shocking things about himself in the process. To the annoyance of Dr. Ruthledge (Jeffrey Wright), developer of Source Code, Stevens develops an agenda of his own.

Is the source code only able to aid them prevent future disasters? Or can Stevens indeed use to alter the past? Oh yes, and we are still trying to find the bomber…



Worth Seeing? : Definitely!

I hadn’t been that impressed with Source Code’s trailer. But then one greater amount time, whilst trailers typically show the parts with almost all act, they tend to leave the whys/hows/whos out. It is a risky way, coz the trailer had let me to think that this clip would be very typical, apart from the “8-minutes-only”, hence my not-so-hopeful preview post on the episode.

But the movie, apart from some scenes, is anything but typical. It is (quite) original (apart from the parts when my mind went back to a “Supernatural” clip, fast but with sufficiently emotional moments and character development, a romantic sub-plot that feels quite natural. And the whys/hows/whos make the episode.

Source Code is creative and engaging. And it’s a sci-fi episode that will even appeal to the non fans. Sure, some things will definitely feel like a stretch, even by sci-world standards. Still, the video offers a admirable time with a very likable protagonist. And it offers all this in a little over than 90 minutes.

Written by Ben Ripley. Directed by Duncan Jones (Moon). And lastly, a cool story that wasn’t adapted from a book!

Currently rated at 7.6 on IMDB.


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